Communication under Tightened Security Conditions:

innovaphone Devices are Approved according to the Standards foreseen by BSI Zoning

Sindelfingen, March 2, 2020 - The German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) has granted selected innovaphone devices - three VoIP gateways and one IP telephone - Zone 1 approval for communication under special security conditions.  They meet specific requirements regarding radiation and are therefore suitable for exchanging confidential and classified information.

Communication with increased security requirements by state or federal authorities as well as other organizations is referred to by using the term "classified communication", which is based on clearly defined parameters. To ensure compliance with the standards, selected testing companies are commissioned to subject hardware to extensive tests and, if necessary, to modify the hardware in order for it to meet the special requirements. The innovaphone IP811, IP3011 and IP0011 VoIP gateways as well as the innovaphone IP112A IP telephone have been modified and certified accordingly in the test laboratory, GBS TEMPEST & Service GmbH, used by the Federal Office for Information Security in the technology industry (BSI). In accordance with the short measurement procedure according to the National Zone Model, the innovaphone devices mentioned above have been approved as "radiation tested hardware" for Zone 1 and are now listed accordingly by BSI (list only available in German). They are particularly protected against so-called "compromising radiation".

BSI Zulassung

"BSI approval is required by various authorities or other security relevant bodies.  We are very pleased that we are now officially listed at BSI with our VoIP gateways and an IP terminal, so that we can easily be used as a modern communication solution in such environments. The security aspect of our solutions has always been an area that we have paid particular attention to. From the outset, we have implemented a large number of security mechanisms in our products in order to protect them in the best possible way against external attacks", says Dagmar Geer, CEO of innovaphone.

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