innovaphone Application Sharing
Efficient Collaboration

Working together has never been more efficient, easier or faster than it is now when using innovaphone Application Sharing. No annoying installation of plugins, no need to send e-mails with URLs back and forth, no administrative overhead needed before getting started.

You are on the phone with a colleague and realise how useful it would be if your conversation partner could see the contents of your screen? A single click in the myPBX interface starts innovaphone Application Sharing, allowing you to share selected contents of your screen with your colleague. All this with no need for any installation, configuration, dial-in or authentication as this has already been done via the telephone connection. Data encryption takes place according to the principle of voice data encryption.

You can pass the control of the shared application onto your colleague or accept his request for control. The person who granted the approval has control of the application. Application Sharing with control transfer also works for three-party conferences in the typical innovaphone manner: no additional server is necessary.

Internal webinars made easy: Webinars are set up in the same simple way. In addition, the large conference on an innovaphone gateway also offers Application Sharing for all subscribers. After dialing into the conference, subscribers see the presentation on the computer automatically and without any extra settings. It couldn’t be easier to set up webinars.

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