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Communication can take place with several people across different countries or locations without expensive and time-consuming meetings and business trips. A simple three-party conference is easy with the innovaphone PBX VoIP telephone system  and can be undertaken with any IP phone. With the myPBX Unified Communications client, video conferences are even possible from your own desktop - without a server or other expensive equipment.

innovaphone Conferencing is perfect for larger audio conference calls. Video conferences are possible as from innovaphone PBX version 12. Video Conference features speaker recognition: if a conference is set up with several video telephony participants, the conference participant who is talking is shown. The innovaphone PBX VoIP telephone system enables planned or ad-hoc conferences without much technical effort or additional hardware. Conference rooms for up to 60 people are possible depending on which VoIP gateway is in use. Professional conference menu prompts guide those involved in the conference easily through the conference menu announcements giving information about all events, such as the comings and goings of participants. They are available in numerous languages, but can be created individually at any time.

Little effort is needed to set up a conference call when using innovaphone Conferencing. The conference call can also be protected by a password so that only authorised people can dial in. innovaphone Conferencing is a well-rounded Unified Communications solution that saves time and money, provides quick solutions to problems and enables flexible collaboration amongst companies, project groups or departments.

The new, improved innovaphone Conferencing makes it much easier for administrators to set up conference rooms and to add PINs and announcements. The previous way of setting up of static conference rooms via a script language has been replaced by simple configuration of a Conference object in the innovaphone PBX. For this object, you only have to specify the access PIN and announcement for the applicable phone number – and the new conference room is ready. By the way: The audio converter on the innovaphone web page can be used to convert announcements from any common audio format to the required announcement format.

Furthermore, innovaphone Application Sharing is also available for all big conferences. This allows internal webinars and similar events to be set up and carried out easily, too. The presentation is automatically shown after dialling into the Conference room. The innovaphone Application Sharing with Video is now possible for all conferences even with external parties thanks to WebRTC. In this case, these especially benefit from the new WebRTC technology.

Benefits  |  Technology

The innovaphone PBX VoIP telephone system is able to provide several conference calls in different virtual rooms. The total number of participants depends on the DSP channels reserved for the conference call. A queue serves as a central entry point to the various conference call rooms. Whenever a caller connects to the queue, he is prompted to enter a conference code (PIN) for the respective conference call. The user is connected with the respective conference room on entering  a valid conference code (PIN). When participants enter and leave a conference, the name of the new participant will be shown to those already participating in the virtual conference.

One special conference call form is the ad-hoc Broadcast Conference. Here, a group of innovaphone PBX VoIP telephone system subscribers is called via a special broadcast number. The call to this number is distributed to the group subscribers. Whoever takes the call is in the Conference. Broadcast Conference offers an effective and quick way to exchange experiences for regular conferences with permanent participants.

The Conference solution requires an innovaphone VoIP gateway and a conference unit (IP6010, IP3010, IP1060, IP0010 and IP810 VoIP gateway). Depending on the hardware resources, these VoIP  gateways have up to 60 channels. If this should not be enough, more conference-enabled VoIP gateways can be cascaded.

innovaphone Conferencing is controlled by XML scripts. The scripts can be adapted as needed. A number of professional conference menu announcements are available and are integrated via these scripts. They guide all conference participants conveniently through the menu and give information on everything that takes place. Thus, all participants are prompted to type a name when they enter the conference room. The first participant is also asked to define a name for the conference call. Persons already present are always informed about the entry or exit of a participant. When someone joins the conference call, he is greeted and receives a list of all conference attendees.

innovaphone Wiki - Link

Announcements for a conference call or Video conference are available in this innovaphone wiki article as a download free of charge in the following languages: German, Danish, English (BE/AE), French, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian. They are XML scripts that are installed on the Compact Flash card of the innovaphone VoIP gateways. More announcements in any imaginable language can be created at any time individually and independently.

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