innovaphone Video: flexible desktop Video conferencing via the myPBX Unified Communications client


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Business trips usually take a long time, cost a lot of money, but of course also have the advantage that important topics and issues can be discussed face-to-face. Employees in companies with multiple sites, in large corporations, or in home offices are looking for an efficient and yet personal communication across locations or over great distances. The solution is: Video telephony by innovaphone.

The answer is: innovaphone Video. The simple and lean innovaphone Video telephony solution is the right choice for those who don’t want to invest in expensive equipment, who don’t want to be bothered with complex configurations or hard-to-use video telephony systems. The Video solution by innovaphone allows simple, uncomplicated ad-hoc video telephony, as well as 3-party video conferences and large conferences with video screen. Implementation costs and bandwidth requirements are low. The number of necessary business trips can thus be cut significantly - this pleases Controlling and has an additional benefit in that it is also environmentally friendly. In addition, it improves communication: Connection amongst colleagues is more personal and interactive, because innovaphone Video allows non-verbal signals and fine nuances to be perceived even during standard phone calls. If a user is tired of video - no problem. He can choose between pure audio or audio-video calls at any time. External subscribers can now use the new WebRTC technology to connect to Video telephony and Video conference calls with the innovaphone PBX.

Benefits  |  Technology

The Unified Communications solution by innovaphone includes a Video telephony solution. You merely require an innovaphone IP phone, Software Phone, or myPBX via WebRTC and a computer with any compatible camera (webcam). As soon as a Video call is accepted, a video window automatically pops up on the desktop and displays the other party. The size of this window can be increased or decreased dynamically, as required. It also includes an additional window that can be used to check your own image. The additional window can be placed in one of the corners of the video window, depending on where it fits best.

Three-party video conferencing is also possible with innovaphone Video and does not need an additional MCU (multipoint control unit). Another person can be added to a current call as usual. Once the video connection has been established, the video window also displays the third party on the desktop.

The innovaphone Video solution requires no additional configuration to the myPBX Unified Communications client. User name, password and the IP phone used are simply taken over by myPBX. The user is informed via a Video icon above the Presence icon as soon as the Video call is enabled in the myPBX Unified COmmunications client. Before the call is set up or before answering the phone, the user can make a conscious decision in favour of or against a video call by simply clicking on the icon. If the user changes the default settings for one call, the settings automatically return to the default settings once the call has finished. It is possible to switch between video telephony and pure audio telephony during a call.

innovaphone Video is H. 264 compatible and requires bandwidth of between 200 and 300 kbit / s – depending on the webcam, scene (motion or rather still) and the encoder. The video quality is influenced of course by the available bandwidth, but also by the resolution of the video camera.

innovaphone Video is the perfect Unified Communications solution for a visual, personal phone call or a three-party video conference or even a large video conference.

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