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BOHEMIA SEKT ( is one of the leading producers of sparkling wines and still wines in Central and Eastern Europe. They sell around 24 million bottles a year. The many awards the sparkling and still wines have won at prestigious local and international wine competitions are proof for their high quality. With its market share of 70%, BOHEMIA SEKT has long been by far the most popular brand of sparkling wine in the Czech Republic. BOHEMIA SEKT‘s distribution network covers all the regions of the Czech Republic and includes the most important businesses on the domestic market. Outside the Czech Republic, the company offers their products in more than 30 countries of Central and Eastern Europe, the EU, Asia as well as North and Central America. Since the existing PBX was outdated and not able to handle a modern Unified Communications solution, the company needed a new telephony system.

Point of departure

The existing TDM PBX would have required a major investment in order to enable IP technology. Furthermore, modern Unified Communications solutions were not compatible with the outdated PBX. It was BOHEMIA SEKT’s headquarter in the first place which was in need of the latest VoIP technology and of a Unified Communications solution, while the production facilities might retain the existing PBX for the time being. The request was discussed with IT consulting firm SPOJING s.r.o which is responsible for the administration and operation of BOHEMIA SEKT’s communication system. It was finally decided that a soft migration from the traditional TDM PBX to a modern IP-based innovaphone system would be the best way to proceed.

Rollout and architecture of the innovaphone solution

The implementation of a modern IP solution and the integration of the existing PBX was the central requirement on the part of BOHEMIA SEKT. Moreover, the company management should be supplied with Unified Communications applications.

Having decided for soft migration, an innovaphone VoIP gateway IP6000 was looped in between the existing Avaya Definity PBX and the trunk line to the ISDN provider, without having to make any changes at the old PBX. Thus, the innovaphone VoIP gateway makes it possible to have a parallel ISDN and SIP trunk installation. These installations allow long-term testing for a secure changeover. BOHEMIA SEKT chose innovaphone IP phones, namely IP232, IP222 and IP241, to be connected to the IP6000. IP232 and IP222 belong to the innovaphone design telephone product range that won the coveted „red dot award: product design“. While the IP232 has a touch screen, the IP222 has freely programmable function keys. Apart from their striking design, both devices also set new standards concerning voice quality and energy consumption. Furthermore, the wine company uses innovaphone software phones. These are installed on the employee’s computers and are controlled by the innovaphone Unified Communications client myPBX which serves as a telephone user interface. Otherwise, only a USB headset is needed and all IP telephony features are available. Employees now benefit from the innovaphone PBX‘s Unified Communications features such as Chat, Presence, Video telephony and Collaboration. The whole telephony system is connected with BOHEMIA SEKT’s Active Directory.

Benefits of the new telephony solution

The whole installation and implementation process took only five man-days. BOHEMIA SEKT’s employees were particularly pleased with the excellent voice quality of the new telephony system. Moreover, the system is rather simple and intuitive to use compared to alternative solutions available in the market. The innovaphone solution not only contains all standard features, but also offers a range of new features which were not requested from the start but are highly appreciated now by the employees. All in all, BOHEMIA SEKT draws a very positive conclusion: „The innovaphone solution with implementation performed by SPOJING has definitely surpassed our previous expectations. We are very happy that we have opted for innovaphone and implemented this system, although I haven’t been a booster of IP telephony in the first place“, says Adrian Baran, IT Manager, BOHEMIA SEKT. As far as the company’s future plans are concerned, there are ideas to further expand the innovaphone system, based on the requirements of BOHEMIA SEKT’s sales team: Sales representatives shall be provided with softphones in order to simplify everyday business.

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