MHP RIESEN Ludwigsburg

MHP RIESEN Ludwigsburg is a basketball team from Ludwigsburg that plays in the basketball Bundesliga, the top German basketball league, and that is steeped in over 50 years of tradition. Approximately 100,000 fans visit the games of MHP RIESEN every year.

A traditional telephone system had been doing its job at the head office of the Bundesliga club in Ludwigsburg since 2007. It was getting on in years and its services were no longer very reliable, modern telephone comfort was also extremely limited: important features such as call forwarding were not available, capacity was very limited as the system had only eight available ports and the system was not VoIP capable.

The consulting telecommunications company teliko, headquartered in Limburg an der Lahn and also a partner of Stadtwerke Ludwigsburg, recommended that the club should switch to a modern, bespoke IP telephony solution that would adapt flexibly to their needs. The following reasons spoke in favour of the IP system of the Sindelfingen-based specialist for corporate communications, innovaphone:

-          Extensive telephone features
-          Perfectly integrated Unified Communications solution
-          Scalability–can be expanded at any time
-          Easy to manage
-          Price

Simple Installation and Manageability

An innovaphone VoIP gateway IP411 was delivered to Ludwigsburg, installed with the IP Telephony and UC solution innovaphone PBX. The VoIP gateway IP411 is equipped with 16 user licenses. Furthermore, innovaphone IP222 design telephones with colour display, IP64 DECT telephones and DECT base stations were ordered from innovaphone. The IP29-2 innovaphone analogue adapter was used to integrate existing analogue devices–such as fax–in the VoIP infrastructure. No problems were encountered during installation of the new communication system.

The Benefits of the New innovaphone Solution

The employees of MHP RIESEN Ludwigsburg profit mainly from the direct availability, especially since everybody now has a direct extension number and the calls no longer need to be transferred by the switchboard. Further, they can also make use of modern telephony functions such as Voicemail or internal / external call forwarding. This makes communication with the innovaphone PBX much more efficient than with the predecessor model. The IT department of the basketball team is pleased about the easy and manageable administrability of the telephone system. In-house employees can take care of most of the work that needs to be done and, therefore, expensive service contracts are no longer needed. Markus Buchmann, Marketing and Sponsoring Manager at MHP RIESEN Ludwigsburg, sums up the advantages of switching to the new telephone system as follows: “Our new innovaphone PBX helps us to work more effectively and efficiently. Especially as we can easily set up additional devices or change call distribution or forwarding ourselves. Therefore, we have more time to deal with our core business.”

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