Product information

Type Name Date Size
application/pdfinnovaphone Operator: The state-of-the-art switchboard2017-04-07374
application/pdfinnovaphone Portfolio Overview2017-03-311890
application/pdfinnovaphone Voicemail: More than a mere mailbox2016-10-25145
application/pdfinnovaphone Voice Recording: Recording of calls made easy2016-10-24168
application/pdfinnovaphone Software Phone: More flexibility in the workplace2016-10-24152
application/pdfinnovaphone Reporting: Analysing calls clearly and easily2016-10-24304
application/pdfinnovaphone Queue Monitor: Call centre analysis for VoIP phone systems2016-10-24936
application/pdfinnovaphone Office Integration: An overview of all Presence information2016-10-171325
application/pdfinnovaphone myPBX: The Unified Communications client2016-10-04161
application/pdfinnovaphone Mobility: Integrating mobile phones in the innovaphone PBX2016-10-04113
application/pdfinnovaphone Fax: Easy and convenient from your own PC2016-10-04185
application/pdfinnovaphone Widgets | Webinar presentation2016-06-151224
application/pdfProduct Catalogue 2016/20172016-05-271915
application/pdfinnovaphone: IP Telephony & Unified Communications2016-04-194262
application/pdfV12 | New Devices. New Services. More Security. - EN2015-12-091998
application/pdfinnovaphone myPBX mobile: The solution for all mobile devices2015-11-191528
application/pdfinnovaphone myPBX for Android: IP phone client for Android smartphones2015-07-141633
application/pdfinnovaphone Video: Ad-hoc desktop Video telephony - easy and flexible2013-12-16187
application/pdfinnovaphone Queue Monitor2012-03-15762

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