White Paper

The white paper presented here was written by the company innovaphone. All data and information contained therein has been ascertained conscientiously with the utmost care according to scientific principles. However, no guarantee can be assumed for the completeness and correctness of the information. All rights to the contents of the white paper, including the translation, are owned by innovaphone AG. Copying, even in part, is permitted only with the written consent of innovaphone AG.

The documents presented are free to be downloaded. However, we request that you identify yourself. This data is subject to our privacy policy. Thank you for your understanding.


Type Name Date Size
application/pdfFAQs - security, availability and cost effectiveness of the innovaphone PBX2012-05-2967
application/pdfQuestions and answers on the topic ‘Green VoIP’2012-03-15537

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