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The times have changed, and the company office building is no longer the only possible workplace. Not only during times of crisis do many employers want to offer their employees more flexibility concerning the own working hours and availability. This places high demands on the business communication solution. After all, employees should be fully integrated into the company’s telephone system so they can communicate and be in constant contact with their colleagues, also when working remotely.

innovaphone provides a work and communication solution that perfectly matches your needs to implement remote workplaces into the company infrastructure, regardless of the business size. innovaphone offers the perfect solution for small businesses and medium-sized companies with several branch offices as well as large enterprises.

The Remote Workforce is Seamlessly Integrated into the Company’s IP PBX System

Opt for the innovaphone PBX IP telephone system with the universal work and communication platform innovaphone myApps and get exactly what you need. myApps will enable you to work anywhere and anytime (Anywhere Workplace) without the necessity of complex VPN infrastructures. Simply set up your workplace wherever you please: myApps will adapt individually to any device you are using, whether it is a desktop computer, Mac, laptop, smartphone or a tablet.


Download the innovaphone White Paper "Hybrid Working" - Free of Charge:

  • Is hybrid working the new normal?
  • What makes hybrid work a success?
  • What are the advantages & disadvantages of working remotely from home?

Infrastructure & Equipment for Remote Working

What infrastructure and equipment is required so that employees can work remotely from home without any restrictions? All you need is a running internet connection and a telephone (IP phone, desk phone or Softphone). Functionality of our solution always remains the same, whether you opt for an on-premise installation where innovaphone myApps runs on a gateway (hardware or virtualized) or whether you obtain the innovaphone solution entirely from the cloud as a hosted solution so that no hardware is required. You will further always be able to use the versatile telephony functions plus a fully-fledged Unified Communications solution.

  • Application Sharing
  • Chat
  • Conferencing
  • Video telephony
  • Office integration

"Overnight, more than 90% of our staff members began working from home - and everything is running smoothly! Just like that, a totally smooth process, thanks to Home Office by innovaphone."

Michael Heinrich, Head of IT Infrastructure, RZH Rechenzentrum Hartmann (RZH Data Center Hartmann)

Read the full case study of RZH Rechenzentrum Hartman.


What are the Costs?

The innovaphone work and communication solution is exactly tailored to all the specific needs of your company. The entire innovaphone product portfolio always offers the full features and will flexibly expand with your growing business. The solution offers seamless scalability and can be operated both on premises and in the cloud. Please contact your partner manager or directly get in touch with your reseller.

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Every business has individual requirements - and these may also change over time. Due to the unique modularity, innovaphone solutions can be configured flexibly, depending on your individual demands. Simply get in touch with us via our online contact form and we will gladly supply further information.

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