Smooth Migration with the innovaphone PBX
Smooth Transition to Your New IP Telephone System & UCC Solution

If you are looking for a new telephone system for your business, following situations may be familiar to you:

You would like to get a new telephone system because networks with older technologies will soon be switched off altogether and then your current phone system might no longer work.

Your budget is limited and at this point in time, you are not quite sure, what applications will be needed in your business. What if you were required to provide remote working for your employees at short notice? What if you would like to resort to virtual conferences instead of expensive and time-consuming business trips?

Your company already benefits from IP telephony and you now need UCC functionalities (video, desktop sharing, chat, Fax2Mail, etc.) as well as additional applications. These shall enhance work processes and complement your traditional telephony functions.

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How about one of these Possible Scenarios requiring Migration?

Your company has a bright future ahead and you want to be prepared for all eventualities. Your business will be growing fast in the near future and new company sites will be added. This calls for a scalable solution that can grow with your business, step by step. Don’t forget about the mobile workforce, for example your sales representatives. You want to have a flexible solution where employees have access to all applications and functions, regardless of the workplace and the end device used.

You have been contemplating and you decided that you would like to migrate your business communications to the cloud without requiring large investments and without having to worry about operation and maintenance.
Or exactly the opposite is the case: so far, you do not really trust the cloud and would therefore prefer a local installation with the possibility of migrating to the cloud at a later point in time.


Could one of these scenarios apply to your company and your employees in the near future? Well, for sure – and then you will certainly ask yourself which solution you should best choose. Count on innovaphone helping you select the right solution for any possible scenario.

"After being in operation for thirteen years, it was easy to upgrade the system to the latest firmware version. Integration with the new cloud platform, along with some analog adapters for fax services and other applications, was also quick and straightforward."

Paolo Bombelli, ERT technical manager

Read the full case study: Il Giornale (Update 2021).

Smooth Migration to All IP and Going Beyond…!

The transition to All IP (=VoIP) means transferring conventional telephone traffic (voice) to IP-based networks.

With the innovaphone PBX and innovaphone myApps, we offer smooth migration to a VoIP telephone system for every stage of innovation. Your economic situation will be taken into account as well as your current and future business needs. The speed of the migration process will then be adjusted accordingly. The investment costs will be split into smaller portions and the system maintains its value with ongoing maintenance contracts. Bottom line: sustainability has top priority with innovaphone.

innovaphone offers following smooth migration models:

Abreißzettel mit Formen der Sanften Migration by innovaphone

Migration also means:


All Advantages of Migrating with innovaphone at a Glance:

  • Expand your system anytime without affecting your productivity
  • Run two systems in parallel during the transition time
  • The migration process does not cause any interruption for the employees
  • Adapt your migration speed to your economic situation
  • Add workplaces, functions and collaboration tools anytime (remote workplaces, softphones, virtual conferencing, Unified Communications, etc.)
  • Begin the transition to a new PBX / UCC solution in the cloud first and move to an on-premises solution later on (or vice versa)
  • Get a comprehensive concept and a business communication solution from one single source - for SMBs as well as large enterprises
  • Security mechanisms and security protocols integrated by default – security made in Germany.


Thanks to the modular system, your company will get everything it needs, when it is needed: from traditional IP telephony functionalities to modern collaboration and Unified Communications (UC) tools. Migrate without pressure, step by step and always according to the pace of growth and the individual needs of your company.

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Every business has individual requirements - and these may also change over time. Due to the unique modularity, innovaphone solutions can be configured flexibly, depending on your individual demands. Simply get in touch with us via our online contact form and we will gladly supply further information.

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