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VoIP Phone System for Modern IP Telephony

The innovaphone PBX is a powerful and sophisticated VoIP telephone system for use in professional business environments. In addition to a wide range of IP telephony functionalities, the innovaphone PBX is also equipped with a perfectly integrated Unified Communications solution that can be enabled as needed at any time and at any workspace. A server is superfluous. The innovaphone PBX works on diverse innovaphone VoIP gateways, which are available in different dimensions. Alternatively, it is also possible to move away from hardware entirely and to install the innovaphone PBX virtually as an innovaphone Virtual Appliance (IPVA) in a VMware environment.


The Very Special Box - VoIP Gateways

The innovaphone VoIP gateway forms the basis of the innovaphone IP Telephony and Unified Communications solution. It is available in various versions and is equipped with different licenses depending on the model. The PBX software is already pre-installed on the innovaphone VoIP gateway and only has to be activated with the appropriate licenses. Regardless of this, the devices can also assume the functionality of a pure gateway, serving as an interface to other networks and converting existing ISDN, SIP or analogue connections to IP connections. All innovaphone VoIP gateways are very robustly built – their hardware has absolutely no hard disks or fans. The components are sized generously and lean software structures mean the VoIP gateways are extremely powerful, even when they fulfill the PBX task in parallel. The stability of the VoIP gateway is also reflected in the design of the housing made of brushed stainless steel.


Maximum Telephony Convenience - IP Phones

A wide range of IP phones is available for users - from designer, business or robust building site phones to computer-based software phones. All models meet the high requirements of the professional business environment and ensure the availability of a wide range of telephone functionalities. The innovaphone IP phones are also the perfect choice for particularly demanding applications such as for call centre workers or for heavy users. In addition, they are intuitive to use and need no introduction.


Always Available - IP DECT and WLAN

Some employees move around constantly within a company, such as moving amongst different departments. They benefit by using IP DECT or WLAN technologies as well as the innovaphone PBX functionalities to be integrated well in the VoIP infrastructure. They continue to be available under their usual extension number even if they are not at their desk. The available IP DECT and WLAN devices ensure convenience is maintained and the accustomed range of services is available - no matter which network is used.


Maximum Mobility - Mobile Clients

Today, mobility plays a pivotal role for all modern companies. The innovaphone PBX makes it possible to use the various PBX features over mobile clients even via smartphones. Mobile employees, who are often on the road or on business trips, can thus use the usual IP telephone functionalities on their smartphone no matter where they are. Thanks to the innovaphone one number concept, they can be reached under one and the same number. innovaphone Mobility means they are incorporated in the innovaphone PBX VoIP phone system as internal subscribers and are thus a fully-fledged extension.


Integrating the Analogue World - Analogue Adapters

Analogue adapters are used to integrate analogue devices into the VoIP innovaphone PBX meaning such analogue devices can still be used even in an IP environment. Meaningful analogue facilities such as door intercom systems, franking machines, telephones, fax machines and others can thus continue to serve their purpose even in new VoIP installations. Especially for fax communication, all innovaphone gateways and analogue adapters support Fax-over-IP according to T.38. This allows the mandatory exchange of existing analogue equipment to be bypassed saving costs for new acquisitions.


Smart and Flexible Communication - Unified Communications

The VoIP innovaphone PBX can be extended to include Unified Communications functionalities at any time. These functionalities can be selected as needed per employee. Video telephony, Presence, Chat, Conferencing, Collaboration, and many other applications provide for unified and improved communication. Depending on the Presence information provided by colleagues and contacts, the user can flexibly decide which means of communication is best suited to share information promptly in each situation. The myPBX Unified Communications client can then control this means of communication centrally - no matter whether a phone call, video call, Chat, Collaboration session or Conference is selected.


Endless Possibilities - Applications

Various innovaphone applications complement the innovaphone PBX VoIP telephone system range. They can easily be integrated into the infrastructure providing additional added value. Installation and maintenance effort is low since all applications are optimally matched to the innovaphone PBX. The innovaphone Queue Monitor helps to measure the load on a telephone service system, significantly helping to increase customer satisfaction through better service quality. The innovaphone Operator is a modern telephone switchboard and the perfect application for employees at switchboards and in call centres - it is software-based and can be operated intuitively by mouse or keyboard. Using the Linux application platform, applications based on the Linux operating system can also be integrated seamlessly into the innovaphone PBX. The analysis software, innovaphone Reporting, is the best example of such an application. It evaluates the degree of capacity utilisation in a company or department caused by the daily volume of telephony. innovaphone Fax is also based on Linux and allows faxes to be sent and received flexibly via one’s own PC (mail-to-fax, fax-to-mail).

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