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We Offer Transparency - You Remain in Control

Do you have ideas to further enhance communication and work processes within businesses? With innovaphone myApps, your ideas will not reach any limits.

myApps is Open

The completely open and expandable myApps platform architecture provides all resources necessary for you to program apps. You have access to all interfaces and protocols that our in-house developers use for the innovaphone apps. These apps are developed in JavaScript and C++ so that knowledge of Linux is not required. The asynchronous programming model of the App Platform – the basis of myApps – enables the realization of highly scalable applications.


You can make use of various functions when developing your own app; these are freely available with the App Platform from myApps:

  • Security mechanisms such as two-factor authentication
  • User authentication via single sign-on with myApps login
  • Cross-platform app programming to use the app in different environments (web browser, Windows, iOS, Android…)
  • Localization and personalization of apps
  • Mechanisms that realize initial installation, in addition to current backups and updates

Due to the variety of already existing functions, you will be able to fully focus on the development of your core idea. The transparency of all interfaces and protocols further offers the possibility to exchange information within the developer community of myApps and to profit from each other’s experience.

Expandability of myApps

APIs are provided for all core functionalities so that third-party apps can seamlessly be integrated into myApps and communicate directly with innovaphone apps. This means that the myApps Phone app or Chat app can for example be started directly from your CRM system. It is equally possible to provide functions of third-party apps to innovaphone apps.

Marketing via myApps

Other companies would also be able to profit from your app? In addition to a full toolkit for development, myApps further provides the opportunity to monetise your newly developed app. By publishing your app in the innovaphone App Store, there are various mechanisms available for you to successfully market your app.

Would you like to license your app yourself? No problem. Regardless of whether you are in charge of the licensing or leave the licensing up to us, you can publish your apps in the innovaphone App Store and benefit from its wide reach.


Software Development Kit

The innovaphone SDK shall facilitate your work. You will receive all necessary build tools, seamless integration into Visual Studio, extensive documentation as well as code examples.


Our App for Developers

API Monitor

The API Monitor is an app to test the status of all APIs in myApps.

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