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Discover All Apps available for innovaphone myApps

This webpage provides an overview of all innovaphone apps as well as all 3rd party apps available in the innovaphone App Store. Take a look at all the opportunities innovaphone myApps has to offer for your enterprise communications and virtual collaboration.

Please note: The displayed apps cannot be downloaded or bought directly on this webpage.

With innovaphone myApps, the collaborative work and communication solution for businesses of all sizes, a variety of functions is already included, without additional cost. These functions are: Telephony, video calling, presence status, chat messaging, remote call control (RCC), admin options, Office and mobile integration as well as screen sharing and application sharing.

Following apps are already included with the innovaphone PBX: Phone app, Softphone app, Chat app, RCC app and PBX Manager app. There is no need to download these apps separately from the innovaphone App Store.

Send private messages and group chats with texts, emojis and data files via the Chat app. The app provides a secure messenger solution and is compliant with all security & privacy guidelines. Calls can be started directly from the Chat app.

The administrator configures the innovaphone PBX for the installation with the PBX Manager app. Waiting queues, Reverse Proxy, DECT systems and much more can be set up and managed with the PBX Manager.

With the Phone app, you have access to all classic telephony functions such as making and receiving phone calls. You can further make video calls and share your full screen or select contents (application sharing) during a call.

The RCC app (Remote Call Control app) is used to conveniently operate any end device and to make or accept phone calls on this end device via the myApps interface. With the RCC app, the user can always be reached at the own extension, regardless of what device is being used. This applies to inbound and outbound calls: The caller ID transmitted to the called party will always display the own extension.

The Softphone app is your virtual telephone. Make and receive audio and video calls on any end device with internet connection (required: audio input / output & camera function for video calls). In addition to all classic IP telephony and versatile UCC functions, users can also dial into virtual conference rooms with more than 3 participants directly via the Softphone app. If required, select calls can further be recorded by simply clicking on the recording button.

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