innovaphone Operator
Professional and Convenient Call Switching

Professional call switching is achieved through fast and accurate call forwarding of incoming calls at a switchboard. Effective call switching reduces waiting times and enhances customer satisfaction.

The innovaphone Operator is a modern, software-based PC switchboard for the innovaphone PBX. Incoming calls can easily be answered via keyboard or by mouse click, placed on the respective call destination and then be forwarded accordingly. Calls can optionally be switched either with or without consultation (blind transfer). The user interface is intuitively designed and clearly structured. Due to fast and efficient call switching, employee satisfaction is enhanced.

The busy lamp field of the innovaphone Operator always offers a precise overview of incoming, outgoing, parked and forwarded calls, in addition to the calls in the waiting queue. It is individually configurable and indicates the availability (Presence) of the requested contact person. This allows the telephone operator to locate the suitable contact person without many detours. Failed attempts of switching calls are avoided and the waiting time for customers is reduced.


  • Fast & precise forwarding of calls via keyboard or by mouse click               
  • Busy lamp field: individual Presence status of target extension
  • Intuitively designed user interface
  • Short waiting times for incoming calls
  • Increased customer and employee satisfaction
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