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Remote Working from Home!

The current global situation is dominated by the coronavirus crisis and many companies find themselves confronted with major challenges. Decisions need to be made quickly and appropriate measures need to be taken to ensure the day-to-day work and the health of employees. 

But how to cope with the current challenges? With innovaphone! We offer you a work and communication solution that perfectly matches your needs to provide home office workplaces, regardless of the business size. innovaphone offers the perfect solution for small businesses and medium-sized companies with several branch offices as well as large enterprises.

Would You like to Benefit from Home Office without Limitations?

Opt for the innovaphone PBX IP telephone system with the universal work and communication platform innovaphone myApps and get exactly what you need. myApps will enable you to work anywhere and anytime (Anywhere Workplace) without the necessity of complex VPN infrastructures. Simply set up your workplace wherever you please: myApps will adapt individually to any device you are using, whether it is a desktop computer, laptop, smartphone or a tablet.

What Infrastructure and Equipment is Required so that Employees can Work Remotely from Home?

All you need is an innovaphone VoIP gateway, a telephone (IP phone or Softphone) and a running internet connection. This will allow your employees to continue with business as usual: whether they are in the office, at home in their home office or on the go. They will further always be able to use the versatile telephony functions plus a fully fledged Unified Communications solution.

  • Application Sharing
  • Chat
  • Conferencing
  • Video telephony
  • Office integration

What Options do You Have if Your Company is still Using an Analog Telephone System?

innovaphone offers easy transition from ISDN to All IP, via a progressive migration system that provides the implementation of IP technology without having to replace the existing system. Smooth migration enables a gradual entry into the IP world, in several stages of innovation. The customer will determine the speed of transition.

Is Security Guaranteed for Your Company?

Mobility scenarios such as working from the home office require special security measures. innovaphone solutions carry the quality seal “IT security made in Germany” and offer various security mechanisms.

  • The innovaphone Session Border Controller (SBC) offers reliable protection against attacks from the internet
  • The innovaphone Reverse Proxy detects and blocks attacks at an early stage
  • Security protocols such as DTLS-SRTP and ICE (STUN + TURN) ensure end-to-end encryption
  • Two-factor authentication reliably prevents unauthorized access

Does this all sound complicated to you? No need worry: these various security functionalities and mechanisms are already integrated as a standard into the innovaphone PBX and they are at your disposal free of charge.

What are the Costs?

The innovaphone work and communication solution is exactly tailored to the needs of your company. The entire innovaphone product portfolio always offers the full features, no matter whether you would like to obtain them from the cloud, rent or buy. Create your mobile and digital workplace of the future and get in touch with us or directly with your reseller.

Digital Solidarity with the innovaphone PBX

During this severe corona crisis, we would like to offer you the opportunity to work remotely from home and outside your office so that you can effectively remain in touch with your colleagues, free of charge. innovaphone wants to make a contribution so that everybody can maintain and continue with work and communication.

For the next three months, we will provide our communication platform innovaphone myApps free of charge.

innovaphone myApps is a communication platform that lets you use following features free of charge and immediately internally:

  • Telephony
  • Video Telephony
  • Chat
  • Presence
  • Application Sharing

Did we spark your interest? Would you like to benefit from this service to continue with work?

Please get in touch with us via email at: digitalsolidarity@innovaphone.com

Please state the name of your company and a contact person. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

innovaphone myApps from the Cloud

You can now also get our innovaphone myApps work and communication platform from the cloud. The commercial flexibility and technological ease of our cloud solution allow for the full spectrum of functions of our universal innovaphone myApps work and communication platform without having to make large investments and without having to worry about operation and maintenance.

Please contact us and we will help you.

Do You Have Further Questions Concerning Home Office?


Contact us: We will gladly help you and provide you with further information!

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