innovaphone Mobility: perfect integration of mobile subscribers into the innovaphone PBX VoIP telephone system

Benefits  |  Technology

Be available whenever and wherever you are with just one number... All IP PBX features are available also on the road. The Mobility solution by innovaphone makes this possible, allows mobile telephones to be integrated in the innovaphone PBX VoIP telephone system as internal subscribers, making it a fully-fledged extension.

The sophisticated One Number Concept by innovaphone ensures that all employees have just one single number - externally as well as internally. Thus, with the innovaphone Mobility solution, it no longer makes a difference what end device or telephone number is used by the Mobility user to make his call - the person being called will only ever see one and the same extension number. The Mobility user can also be reached anywhere on this extension, regardless of whether he is in the company or out on the road, located in a foreign country or generally uses his mobile phone in-house.

Further advantagesof the innovaphone Mobility solution: voicemails land on a central voice-box where they can be listened to at the same time. Of course, innovaphone Mobility brings great cost savings, because mobile phone calls can be made at any time over the fixed network. A simple and smart Mobility solution that cuts costs... What more could you want?

Benefits  |  Technology

The innovaphone Mobility solution enables simple integration of mobile phones in the central VoIP telephone system, innovaphone PBX. Mobile phones can thus use the features of the innovaphone PBX as a subscriber in the VoIP PBX and are recognized as internal subscribers. If the subscriber is called on his company phone number, his mobile phone rings in addition to his fixed line IP phone. For out-going calls, another commercially available software module enables the company extension number to be displayed to the other party. The innovaphone Mobility solution enables convenient dialling out from the mobile phone book and ensures that all calls are routed and recorded by the innovaphone PBX VoIP telephone system. The Presence status of the mobile subscriber is also visible in the innovaphone PBX VoIP telephone system.

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