Migration to All IP
Moving from ISDN to VoIP - Network Convergence

All across Europe, the migration to All IP is progressing due to the ISDN switch-off. The different network infrastructures for telephony, mobile communications, tv, internet and associated services are converging into one single network. The result is one uniform language for all communication services: voice and data transmission will then be carried out via IP (Internet Protocol). Even if companies are reluctant in addressing the switch to VoIP at first, the convergence of communication technologies offers great benefits and opportunities.

Switch to VoIP now and enhance your business communication.



One Network - One Solution

Business customers and private users alike profit from the convergence of information technologies and the ISDN shutdown.

IP-based communication transfers voice and data communication via the internet. This process simplifies the infrastructure and administration, resulting in lower operational costs. Simultaneously, users have a multitude of new communication tools and options at their disposal. Applications can be seamlessly integrated, as well as the remote workplace - for example when working from home. All users have access to the full spectrum of the communication solution, no matter where they are located or what device they are working with


ISDN Switch-Off & Migration to All IP with innovaphone

innovaphone eases the migration from old to new technology - the transition from ISDN to VoIP - by offering a gradual switch to All IP. The replacement of the phone system does not have to take place all at once but can be carried out in form of a smooth migration and step by step, in several stages. The customer determines the speed of transition.

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Why Businesses Benefit from All IP:

Why Employees Benefit from All IP:

  • Future-proof telephone system
  • Cost effectiveness thanks to easy installation & administration
  • Seamless scalability
  • Seamless integration of distributed sites
  • Easy integration of mobile workforce
  • Full integration of remote workplaces
  • Enhanced team collaboration
  • Flexibility thanks to the integrations of tools and apps
  • Mobility solution for more freedom
  • Can freely select means of communication & workplace
  • Merging of communication channels
  • Easy access to video conferences


Download the innovaphone White Paper "All IP" free of charge

Read about the possibilities that open up with an All IP solution and how the first steps of a successful transition may look like.

Be Well Prepared for the Migration to All IP

Place your trust in innovaphone and be well prepared for the switch from ISDN to VoIP:

  • From the outset, since the company was founded in 1997, innovaphone has opted for the future standard "IP".
  • innovaphone has years of experience in the areas of IP Telephony and Unified Communications.
  • The entire innovaphone product range has always been "All IP".
  • innovaphone’s concept of “smooth migration” is particularly well suited for a seamless and gradual transition to All IP.
  • The innovaphone PBX is certified for all established network operators.

Changeover to All IP - Easy changeover with the innovaphone PBX

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Every business has individual requirements - and these may also change over time. Due to the unique modularity, innovaphone solutions can be configured flexibly, depending on your individual demands. Simply get in touch with us via our online contact form and we will gladly supply further information.

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