innovaphone Reporting: Call analysis within the innovaphone PBX VoIP telephone system

Benefits  |  Technology

How busy does the daily volume of telephone calls make a company or a department? Can they cope with peaks or are additional resources needed? innovaphone Reporting is a tool that has the perfect answers to such telephony questions. It is the perfect way to evaluate, it provides valuable information about calling patterns within a company - and all this in real time.

Filters that can be configured individually allow telephony enquiries to be sorted flexibly e.g. by country, departments or individuals. innovaphone Reporting also makes it possible to evaluate according to specific times or periods. Thus, bottlenecks can be countered in time, and, as far as calls are concerned, a company can continue working at optimum capacity. The results can be exported to various file formats (E.g., XML, CSV, or PDF) and can be processed in this way.

Benefits  |  Technology

innovaphone Reporting is an application tool which can easily be used to provide an overview of the calls in a company. It is based on the Linux application platform that either runs on the innovaphone IP6010, IP3010 or IP0010 VoIP gateways or in a VMware environment. innovaphone Reporting works on the basis of a database, in which call detail records (CDR) are processed. The innovaphone Reporting tool provides e.g.:

  • Call queries for individual or group PBX VoIP telephone system subscribers
  • A list of all calls via the innovaphone PBX VoIP telephone system and the results list can be grouped in any way by date or object
  • Individual filters can be generated, especially for frequent queries
  • Query by call status (no answer, connected, busy, no connection)
  • Query by call direction (incoming, outgoing, switched or forwarded calls)
  • Evaluations can be stored at any time via a PDF or XML file
  • Both scheduled and manual backup of the Reporting database and web server configuration files are possible via general Web Server Administration

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