innovaphone Voice Recording


Benefits  |  Technology

Recording calls is necessary for critical applications in emergency call centres, such as the police or fire department, or for banks and service providers, whose telephone calls are binding.

innovaphone Voice Recording is exactly the right tool for the scenarios described above. The innovaphone Voice Recording is enabled with appropriate authorisation and the corresponding license. The innovaphone PBX records all desired calls - both inbound and outbound. It also does not matter which end devices are used. The calls can be recorded to the innovaphone PBX with any IP phone as well as with analogue phones, DECT telephones and mobile phones.

Calls can be recorded quite freely in various formats with the innovaphone Voice Recording tool:

  • entire calls,
  • just business calls,
  • certain snippets of a call,
  • calls that are marked manually or automatically,
  • threatening phone calls.

The start of the recording can be triggered directly on the IP phone.

Benefits  |  Technology

The recorder can use encryption technology for the recordings and automatically creates a backup copy so that maximum security is guaranteed. Recordings are in stereo mode. The left channel contains the external subscriber’s recording and the right channel that of the internal subscriber. Non-encrypted recordings can be listened to on any Player capable of .wav or .mp3 formats. Encrypted recordings can only be listened to on the free innovaphone Player.

The recordings are safely stored and managed using the integrated player. It has an extensive filter function: Date, caller or recipient subscriber, direction, sequence and more. In addition to playback, the player also serves for joining, archiving and deleting the recordings. The administration of the recordings is also logged to ensure the audit trail.

The Player has the standard function keys, like other players too: Play, stop, pause, fast-forward, rewind, looping, etc. The progress bar allows any section to be selected for playback. The end of the recording can be indicated with a beep signal - similar to the answering machine. The volume can be regulated individually and separately by outgoing and incoming voice.

Failure is prevented in the usual innovaphone manner, by redundancy. Data is not lost and in the case of malfunction, an alarm e-mail is automatically sent.

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