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Generate more Leads via the Website with the innovaphone Contact Widgets App

Sindelfingen, April 8th, 2024 - For the vast majority of companies, their website is more than just a business card: it is the central hub for presenting their own brand and product portfolio and establishing contact with customers. innovaphone has developed a simple and cost-effective tool for placing contact widgets on the website and thus taking contact and lead generation to a new level: the new Contact Widgets app.

Customers who are interested in your company’s products have lots of possibilities at their disposal: thanks to the innovaphone Contact Widgets on the website they can get in touch with your company via call, video call, chat or email. Potential hurdles such as filling in complex contact form or clicking on potentially dubious links are now a thing of the past. The innovaphone Contact Widgets App is based on WebRTC technology which utilizes common programming languages to enable audio and video communication via a browser. A contact person or group is configured behind each widget and their availability is compared with real-time Presence. The Contact Widgets App has another function, it allows a freely configurable URL to be stored, which may be used to offer an online scheduling tool for making appointments, etc. Thus turning the website into the central hub for all forms of interactive customer dialog.

innovaphone sidebar widget and digital business cards for easy contact options on business websites

“With our Contact Widgets App, the contact design remains with the company itself, eliminating the need for an external website service provider. The design can be adapted to the company’s own corporate design and the font, layout, color and text modules can be freely selected. The important topic of ‘lead generation’ thus remains within the company,” explains Dagmar Geer, CEO, innovaphone AG.

The innovaphone Contact Widgets App is also attractive from a cost perspective: If the innovaphone myApps Business platform is already in use, the app as such is free of charge. You just need one port and UC licence per Contact Widgets App, which you can use to create as many widgets as you like. New customers also have the option of purchasing the app separately and without integration into the innovaphone PBX, either free of charge (with displayed advertising) or for a purchase price of 100 euros. In the rental model, the corresponding number of iSC (innovaphone Software Credits) is required, which corresponds to a monthly price of 4.50 euros or 6.70 euros (for cloud rental).


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