What is myApps?
Your Digital Workplace Solution and Collaboration Platform

innovaphone myApps is the platform which ideally adapts to your business requirements. It will provide utmost flexibility and mobility to equip digital workplaces with all the apps and tools needed, no matter the size and type of your company.

The Digital Workplace Solution for Enhanced Enterprise Communications

We view myApps as an evolutionary development of our products, taking into account the changes of the working world. Projects become more and more individual, so there is an increased need to respond with individual and tailor-made solutions.
With myApps, you get an open platform which allows for the integration of a multitude of different apps. Best of all: It is up to you whether you would like an in-house solution on your own premises or whether you would like to opt for a cloud installation.

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Platform for the Modern Digital Workplace of Today

innovaphone myApps is a platform for communication and digital collaboration, with the myApps UCC client being one component thereof. It combines all apps and tools within one unified user interface with the possibility of creating your very own, individual digital workplace. Elements within myApps include chat messaging, IP telephony, video conferencing and many more: myApps allows the integration of a variety of tools such as a calculator or a digital whiteboard via the innovaphone App Store and / or from the numerous 3rd party products of the innovaphone community. myApps is an open platform and our developers provide support for the integration of your creative developments.

You will get all the apps and functions you need to work, collaborate and communicate effectively and efficiently.
Whether for a project, daily work and tasks, or for a singular event: myApps is your platform for the modern digital workplace of today.

What are the advantages of the myApps platform?

  • Open:  Easy integration of own apps & 3rd party apps
  • Secure: innovaphone security features are always up to date and equipped with current protocols. Your plaform & data are adequately secured.
  • Compatible: myApps is compatible with all devices (tablet, PC, smartphone...) & OS. Cross-platform access (web browser, Windows, macOS, iOS, Android…).
  • On Premises & Cloud: The platform is available on premises or in the cloud. Whether short-term booking for an event or longer-term collaboration.
  • Compliance to Data Protection: innovaphone is a European company and adheres to GDPR when processing and storing your data.
  • UCC + Telephony on Board: All innovaphone UCC features are standardly included within the platform. Own solutions and apps of third parties can easily be implemented.

Would You Like to Receive more Information?


The communication and collaboration platform myApps provides all the UCC & telephony tools you need to equip your workplaces with modern enterprise communications. Convince yourself, contact us and we will show you how you can use myApps optimally for your business.

Innovation and Inspiration
Integrating Apps into the myApps Platform

In addition to the innovaphone apps to work, communicate and administrate with, the innovaphone community is constantly growing and developing apps. These partner apps are also available in the innovaphone App Store (may be subject to charge). If you are planning on developing your own app, myApps is the ideal platform to do so.

Existing web applications can also be integrated into myApps easily - no programming skills required. Whether you would like to link to your website, plan a live stream including chat functions or need a cross-company platform for collaboration in hybrid teams - every scenario can be realized with myApps.

How can I develop own apps for myApps?

The great advantage of myApps: It is an open platform. This allows for the development and integration of own apps.

Take a look at the multitude of apps, also by our app partners, which have already been added to our innovaphone App Store. If you would like to develop apps for myApps, you can use the innovaphone SDK with all necessary build tools, code samples and documentation. You further have the option to market your app via our innovaphone App Store.

Should you already have some ideas but you are not quite sure how to get started, please feel free to join our weekly SDK developer dialog. Discuss app development topics for the myApps platform with the innovaphone community & the management of development. Sign up now for the innovaphone Forum.

What other Advantages does myApps have?

Access Your Digital Workplace Anywhere, Anytime and on any Device

Today, employees manage their availability and presence personally and depending on the current situation. Smartphones and tablets gain more and more importance as work tools. Thanks to the responsive design of the myApps communications client, can be installed simultaneously on various different end devices such as the desktop computer or smartphone. Therefore, users profit from one uniform interface and usability. This also includes the fact that changes within myApps (for example the presence status, profile settings or call diversion) are instantly available on all devices.

What are the Advantages of myApps Day to Day?

If you are looking for an IP telephony & UCC solution for your business, innovaphone myApps will be the perfect fit.

However, myApps has much more to offer. Take a look at some other examples & case studies of how myApps can be utilized:

myApps - the virtual event platform

Do you plan on hosting an online event but without a large investment? Why not get myApps Cloud for the particular time frame and profit from the multitude of available apps and functions?

A live stream with live chat, survey tools or whiteboards can be added without hassle. Would you like to know how this looks like in reality? Visit our innovaphone Community.

myApps as a virtual platform for schools


The pandemic has shown that schools also need to revert to alternative forms of teaching, requiring digital platforms to meet the specific needs of schools. innovaphone myApps meets exactly these requirements:

  • Setting up a digital classroom and virtual rooms for group work tasks
  • Being able to share relevant links with all pupils
  • Sharing and saving documents, tasks and school exercises
  • Integrated video conferencing with whiteboards for interactive teaching
  • Hybrid model: combination of presence lessons and remote teaching


Watch our case study in form of a video interview to see how myApps provides a versatile solution for schools

myApps - the tool to digitally record working hours

Would you like to provide an intuitive and flexible tool for your employees so they can record and keep track of their working times anywhere and on any device? myApps has the ideal solution: the Working app.

Work times as well as break times can be recorded and submitted in real-time and in a tamper-proof manner. Automatic notifications provide assistance with working hours, break times and rest periods and help with the specifications on Sundays, vacation time and public holidays so that employees comply with legal regulations. HR and personnel management can further check at one glance if any action needs to be taken.

What’s great: You can use the Working app irrespective of the installed phone system. You merely need the myApps platform - functionality of the innovaphone PBX is not required. What this means for you: Businesses can use innovaphone myApps simply as a digital tool for the recording of working hours.

myApps - the solution for remote and hybrid work

With myApps, you can begin a chat at your desktop computer and continue on your smartphone exactly where you left off, for example when you are on the train. The responsive interface will flexibly adapt to any device you are using while changes are immediately available with real-time synchronization on any end device.

Private devices can also be used professionally without users having to worry about security aspects and without interfering with the work / life balance. No VPN is required, the presence status can be adjusted individually and directory functions make it easy to separate private contacts and business contacts.

myApps – More than Merely a UC Client

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