innovaphone Office Integration: Presence Information on the IP phone, in the myPBX UC client and in Office

Benefits  |  Technology

Keep an eye on the availability of colleagues or business partners at all times - no matter what IP phone or application is being used. Office integration by innovaphone improves and speeds up communication because the various Presence information, which can have very different origins, is gathered and compiled into just one overall Presence information which is in turn displayed clearly and understandably for the Unified Communications user.

Both Presence that has been provided by the Unified Communications client myPBX or the IP telephone and set in the innovaphone PBX VoIP telephone system as well as all pending appointments from the Outlook calendar are relevant. Of course, Presence can be set manually at any time and can even be supplemented by a Presence note.

The special feature of innovaphone Office integration: Updating Presence information takes place fully automatically in real time - without any further intervention by the Unified Communications user. As soon as one of the Presence information changes, it is adjusted everywhere - on the VoIP phone, myPBX Unified Communications client, and in all Microsoft Office applications.

Response times can be optimised with the innovaphone Office integration as the Unified Communications user can choose the most appropriate means of communication depending on the Presence status that has been set by colleagues or business partners: colleague Mr A is available - phone call. Colleague Mr B is absent or on vacation - email. Colleague Mr C is on the phone - brief chat request. Thus, communication does not hold you up, but is fun and saves valuable time.

Benefits  |  Technology

Office integration by innovaphone works in two directions: A personal calendar with Presence information is processed by the Exchange Connector for the myPBX Unified Communications client. The appropriate Presence icon is depicted graphically on the myPBX Unified Communications client interface. The Presence icon "Busy" indicates on the Unified Communications client if the desired person is, for example, currently in a meeting. In addition, the current calendar entry is added as a Presence note. The Presence note also shows information on future appointments if a myPBX contact is marked as "available" yet has an appointment within the next 36 hours. The Busy status and Absent status also work in a similar way. In this case, the Presence note indicates when someone is available again. The period which is taken into account for this can be configured freely.

On the other hand, all Presence information on the innovaphone PBX VoIP telephone system is incorporated in Office applications. Both information from the myPBX Unified Communications client application and any Presence information set on the IP telephone are adopted and shown by Outlook. The Presence information is included in the address line in Outlook and marked with a coloured symbol. Thus, a green square stands for "available”, a yellow square for “absent” and a red square for "Busy". If the icon is clicked, a new window shows the current Presence note. In addition, there is the possibility to directly start a chat with the myPBX Unified Communications client or to call the contact.

For all users who want to take advantage of this extended Presence functionality, innovaphone Office integration requires the usage of the innovaphone myPBX Unified Communications client in addition to the innovaphone PBX VoIP telephone system from version 10. In addition, Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, Microsoft Office 2010 and a Linux application platform are required on the innovaphone PBX VoIP telephone system.

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