innovaphone Voicemail: always available with the server-independent Voicemail solution

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innovaphone Voicemail

No matter if someone is away from his desk or is busy in another call, with the innovaphone Voicemail as part of the innovaphone Unified Communications solution, he is always available so that no call is missed. It is a professional, integrated, server independent voicemail solution available across the network for any subscriber to the innovaphone PBX VoIP telephone system. Voicemail is especially interesting for those staff members who often use the telephone, or are often away at meetings, or who are not yet using innovaphone Mobility and thus cannot benefit from the One Number concept on the innovaphone PBX VoIP telephone system.

innovaphone Voicemail is easy and intuitive to use and can be accessed from anywhere with the password. Voice-to-email is also possible. Mobility users receive the voicemail as a wav file attached to an email. These voicemail messages can be processed and stored conveniently. Under certain conditions it is possible to also use the voicemail functionality for voice recording, (recording calls). The innovaphone Voicemail is a versatile Unified Communications solution that leaves no wish unfulfilled.

Benefits  |  Technology

The innovaphone Voicemail is part of the Unified Communications solution and is a professional answer phone integrated solution available across the network for every innovaphone PBX VoIP telephone system subscriber. The innovaphone Voicemail uses the abilities of the innovaphone PBX VoIP telephone system in the best possible way. Controlling the voicemail service on the VoIP telephone system  is extremely easy and convenient thanks to the use of feature keys on an IP phone. Access is possible directly from one’s own IP phone without a PIN number. However, access from an external telephone is protected by a PIN number.

innovaphone Voicemail messages can be listenend to, deleted, repeated or saved via DTMF from internal and external IP phones. If requested, the caller can be called back directly from the innovpahone Voicemail menu. Personal announcements such as a personalised greeting can be recorded and managed directly at one’s desk using the IP phone. The PIN for external access can be changed in the innovaphone Voicemail menu.

Both the control via function keys on the IP telephone as well as the use of a Message Waiting Indication makes the innovpahone Voicemail extremely easy and convenient to use as a Unified Communications solution. A Compact Flash card inserted in the VoIP gateway can be used to save announcements and incoming messages. The innovaphone Voicemail thus does not have to depend on external servers.  Furthermore, CF cards can be exchanged and archived quickly.

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