Detailed Highlights of Software Version 13r2
- Apps, Features and Improvements

myApps for macOS

One single user interface for video calls, chat messages and many other functionalities – the innovaphone myApps communications client is now also available as native app for macOS.
Compared to the browser-based version of innovaphone myApps, the native app has following advantages:

  • Select your preferred devices for audio and video
  • Share individual apps or your entire screen directly via the native app
  • Receive notifications for incoming calls and messages
  • myApps is started automatically at Mac login
  • Appear offline when the Mac is not being used (editable in user settings)
  • Function keys of the Mac keyboard can be set as hotkeys
  • Dialer for “tel:” URIs in HTML documents
  • Integration of local contacts in search and reverse lookup
  • Automatic start of external applications using variables (e.g. opening the CRM system or a website with inbound calls)

Switchboard App

The innovaphone Switchboard app enables professional call switching on the innovaphone PBX for easy call management – whether for one single business site or distributed systems, and either on-premises or from the cloud. Inbound calls can quickly be processed and transferred to the suitable destination.

Discover our Switchboard app

myApps Custom App for Microsoft Teams

The communications client innovaphone myApps is integrated in form of a customized app and can be launched directly within Microsoft Teams. Depending on the selected myApps licenses, all licensed apps can be accessed and used via MS Teams. Once the myApps Custom app has been integrated, the user will for example be able to initiate external phone calls directly from MS Teams – without requiring additional Microsoft licenses. Another advantage of the integration: the presence status of each individual innovaphone user will be visible at a glance.
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Recordings App - Update

  • Recording of waiting queues, conference rooms and at gateway interfaces possible
    →Waiting queues can for example be recorded by calling into the waiting queue via Softphone
  • Extended login functionality that documents user activity in the app: playback, manual deletion, automatic deletion (storage time has expired), download, recovery of recordings
  • Access for users: in addition to the own recordings, users can also receive access to recordings from other extensions (gateway, conference, waiting queue, other users)
  • Improved management of access right and improved filter functions
  • Simplified licensing model

More details on the innovaphone Recordings app

Tutorials App

Get to watch our myApps tutorial videos even faster! With our Tutorials app, you will no longer need to switch tabs or switch from the native client to your web browser. Watch all myApps tutorials directly within the myApps interface. The menu offers different categories structured with the signature app icons of myApps and is very intuitive. The Tutorials app is listed under the button “all Apps” and in the hamburger menu of your myApps home screen under “Tutorials”.

The app opens an iframe with configurable URL that standardly displays the videos from our tutorial videos website. This URL is editable so your very own tutorials can be embedded accordingly.

App Development with JavaScript

JavaScript Environment is an expansion to the innovaphone SDK for the programming language JavaScript. The SDK was introduced with version 13r1 and required knowledge in C++ programming. Version 13r2 now also provides an interface for developers using the programming language JavaScript. With JavaScript Environment in the innovaphone SDK, developers with JavaScript expertise can develop entire apps including app services on the App Platform of the innovaphone PBX.
Development is faster, new features can be developed with less code stable and mature standard SDK procedures are used.

The innovaphone SDK is available as a download, free of charge. The components of the SDK are installed on a Windows computer. Development is preferably carried out in Visual Studio. A functional template for JavaScript apps is the basis of the own development. The specially tailored Visual Studio plugin facilitates development and creates a ZIP file with the source code of the app plus all required components that are uploaded and installed to the app platform together with the JavaScript Runtime.

App Store Features -Update

Every administrator of an innovaphone myApps platform (from version 13 on) has access to the innovaphone App Store. By downloading apps from the App Store, the collaborative work and communication platform myApps can be expanded with various useful apps at any time.

All available apps are presented in the App Store and can be downloaded from there. In the innovaphone App Store, you will find apps developed by innovaphone as well as 3rd party apps. All apps are presented in an equal fashion. The original source of an app is indicated within the App Store.

Reverse Phone Number Lookup in Local Contacts

Phone app and Softphone app check for contact information of inbound calls with reverse lookup in local contacts (e.g. Outlook, smartphone contacts...). A new API is used (com.innovaphone.lookup.). If local contact information is available for the calling number, it will be provided via reverse lookup. Prerequisite: the phone numbers need to be in international format.  


Use the Fax2Mail function with the innovaphone Fax app: receive fax documents also directly via email for quick processing and forwarding.

  • Improved user-friendliness
  • Activate the function in the menu of the app
  • Available e-mail addresses are configured in the PBX for users

Read more about the innovaphone Fax app

Brute-Force Protection

If the PBX recognizes a brute-force attack on a myApps user account, a newly implemented mechanism will slow down the login attempts of the attacker. New login attempts will be blocked for increasing time intervals. Actuals users can enter a wrong password twice before having to wait.

Users are also notified if their accounts show login attempts with an incorrect password. As soon as the correct password has been entered, the notification will disappear and the user account is unblocked.

Customized App Icons

innovaphone myApps enables easy integration of web-based applications via an app object as "plain website" by the admin. Web access is possible directly from the myApps interface via an app button. It is not necessary to switch to an external browser. The app button can then be assigned a customized icon.    

Video Application Sharing

  • Improved video quality with Application Sharing in myApps

A high-performance video codec has significantly improved the quality of sharing applications / the full screen via myApps. The user will benefit from excellent quality with moving images and animations. Shared applications are encoded with VP8 video codec and transferred via RTP protocol. The same technology is used in WebRTC. Therefore, Application Sharing can now also be initiated from the myApps web client and not only from the native client, as it was the case in the past.

However, there are still some restrictions connected to this new implementation. These restrictions will be addressed and fixed with future versions. Once Application Sharing is activated, it will replace the normal video stream. Speaker recognition is disabled so that every participant will see the shared contents. Therefore, no video images of the webcam will be transferred when Application Sharing has been activated since both streams use the same RTP connection (applies to video image of speaker and participants). If Application Sharing is deactivated, the webcam video image will be transferred again. Handing over control of the mouse and keyboard is also not possible. This is an interim solution as an important step towards the multi video conferencing solution.

Echo Cancellation (AEC)

In order to improve audio quality in the speakerphone mode, myApps for Windows plus the phone series IP10x and IP11x have been equipped with new echo cancellation which improves quality in the hands-free mode and communication in conferences.

Do Not Disturb (DND) for myApps

If the user sets the DND presence of myApps, the default app for telephony (Phone app or Softphone app) will not start automatically with incoming calls. The user will not be disturbed. You can still manually open the Phone app or Softphone app to initiate calls.

Users App - Improvements

Users App:

The name of a user displayed on the home screen will be updated if the user manually changes it.

Users Admin App:

When uploading profile pictures, there are now filter options for the user list, similar to provisioning a phone.

More information on the innovaphone Users app   

Reports App - PDF Export

Select call entries can now be exported in PDF format with the Reports app.

Call List App - Filter

In the Call List app, you now have four different filters:

  • all calls
  • missed calls
  • inbound calls
  • outbound call

Continue reading 

OAUTH 2 - Calendar App

The calendar now supports OAuth2 as authentication mechanism for Exchange 365.     

3 Party Video Conference on the Smartphone

myApps for smartphones now supports video mixing in 3 party conferences for Android and iOS. The left and the right participant now receive video images of both conference participants and not only the video image of the person that initiated the conference.

Reverse Proxy - IPv6 Support

From 13r2, Reverse Proxy functionality will also support IPv6. By default, IPv4 and IPv6 will now be enabled. You can deactivate each protocol via checkbox “no IPv4” or “no IPv6”. Should the internally and externally used protocols differ, inbound IPv4 connections can be forwarded to an IPv6 destination and vice versa.

PBX Manager Xpath Explorer

This support and admin tool can be used to analyze and edit PBX configuration on an XML level. This allows for a large number of user objects in the telephone system to be edited simultaneously. Changes can be applied either to select objects or to all objects. Changes can further be checked in a preview before actually applying the changes.

Voicemail Encryption

Voicemails can be encrypted via AES-256 in the App Platform database. An “encryption key” is configured for the Voicemail PBX object. The App Platform database will use this key to encrypt the voicemails. Alarm settings can also be configured. Please note: Should the key get lost voicemails can no longer be decrypted.

Group Function - Voicemail App

Group voicemails can be set up in the PBX Manager via a new button. All users that have been added to a group and that shall receive a notification can easily be added to a list (entries separated by comma).

Read more about the innovaphone Voicemail app

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