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The first portable electronic calculator was already developed in 1967. Ever since, a life without the calculator is unimaginable. A calculator is needed for example for calculations at school, finances, accounting purposes or during everyday work if you need to calculate something quickly. The calculator remains an indispensable instrument.

With the innovaphone Calculator app, you will always have a calculator at your fingertips, no matter when you might need one.

What Functions does the Calculator App Offer?

You can use the Calculator app for simple calculations such as additions, subtractions, divisions or multiplications and much more. Entries can be made via smartphone, mouse click or via keyboard. Trigonometric functions as well as angle measures and calculations with various number systems are additional functions of the app.

myApps Calculator App mit einem Rechenbeispiel
myApps Calculator App, Light- und Dark Mode

Why is the Calculator App So Special?

The Calculator app is set up in no time. After the one-time installation, the Calculator app is ready to be used on any device such as smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. Previous calculations can be retrieved easily since the app has a local history. Once a previous calculation has been retrieved, the calculation can be continued with further calculations.

It is also possible to do calculations between different number systems (decimal, binary, octal and hexadecimal). The conversion from one to the other number system as well as the use of several number systems within one calculation are also possible.


Advantages for the User:

  • Available anywhere & anytime: Use the calculator flexibly on any end device (smartphone, desktop computer, etc.)
  • Easy & intuitive: User-friendly app interface and entries via smartphone, keypad and mouse
  • History of previous calculations: Continue with your previous calculations and re-check your calculation results

What are the meanings of DEC, BIN, OCT and HEX? What do I use these for?

The abbreviations DEC, BIN, OCT und HEX stand for the various number systems. 

  • Decimal system (Base 10)
  • Binary system (Base 2)
  • Octal system (Base 8)
  • Hexadecimal system (Base 16)

You can use the Calculator app to calculate the number systems with each other and to convert them.

What licensing is required for the Calculator app?

You do not need a license to use the Calculator app. The app is free of charge.

What happens with my calculations? Are they saved?

The history of the individual calculations is always retrievable. Please note that the history, however, is not saved across devices. Entries are therefore not available on several end devices.

How many calculations are saved?

The local history of the Calculator app allows the saving of 25 entries. From the 26th entry on, the oldest entry will be deleted automatically.

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