PBX as a Service – Multidata implements a hosted solution with innovaphone PBX

The MULTIDATA Group provides services in the areas of information technology, data management and hardware. The company uses an innovaphone PBX in its own offices. Furthermore, MULTIDATA has set up a hosted solution with the innovaphone system by connecting other companies in the same office building to the innovaphone PBX. This enabled communication costs to be reduced drastically in all of the companies.

The IT group MULTIDATA has 35 employees in 3 locations: Sankt-Vith (Belgium), Weiswampach (Luxembourg) and in Rosenheim, Germany. Before IP telephony was introduced, the head office in Luxembourg had a conventional analogue TC system which was used for the IT service provider’s telephony. When the time came to replace the existing system, the decision was quickly made in favour of an IP PBX. Systems from various manufacturers were compared and at the end of the day, there were several reasons why the innovaphone PBX was chosen by those responsible. René George, who was responsible for the project explained, “It was clear that an IP based system was the only future-safe system. Our provider, BCE (Broad Casting Europe) markets the innovaphone solution and introduced us to innovaphone. Compared to other providers, the system was interesting from a cost point of view. And, we can make certain adjustments on the innovaphone PBX ourselves. For instance, the PBX can be programmed easily without external help.”

Once the VoIP solution had been quickly installed without any hitches, the idea was born to integrate not only the internal company telephones, but also to provide other companies in the same building with the opportunity of using the PBX services based on a hosted PBX service. Meanwhile, more than 100 telephones in over 20 companies are running on the innovaphone PBX.

Installation time and further development

It took just a few weeks from making the decision in favour of the innovaphone PBX until the solution was up and running. The process of exchanging the PBX also went quite smoothly: “The company, BCE, took care of the installation. The new system was running smoothly from day one. Handling and voice quality are good, but it takes some time to get used to the waiting music,” concluded René George.

Connecting the other companies in the office building also went smoothly. They are simply connected to the innovaphone PBX in a hosted scenario. In this context, the new innovaphone firmware version 9 is to be installed in the future, which will allow a virtual PBX to be setup for each company, which can be dynamically added or deleted without needing to reboot the hardware. Installing a new customer solution involves just setting up a PBX in a new VMware entity. Each customer’s PBX is securely separate from the others and can easily be managed and invoiced.

There are also plans to activate the other MULTIDATA locations in Belgium and Germany. The sophisticated innovaphone location concept means that this is technically possible and easy to implement. Administration and billing will take place at the head office in Luxembourg.

MULTIDATA is currently amidst being certified to become an innovaphone partner and will then include the innovaphone products in its product portfolio. “The handling and flexibility of the innovaphone solution has convinced us – which is the reason why we would like to offer it to our customers”, René George summarises his experience.

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