innovaphone Queue Monitor: Call Center analysis for VoIP PBXs


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The innovaphone IP PBX allows switchboards, service hotlines or simple call centres to be operated. Of course, those who offer such service systems, would also like to have clear information concerning the respective load: How many incoming calls are there? How many calls have been in the wait queue for how long? How many callers hang up prematurely  - even before they are put through? The  innovaphone Queue Monitor (iQM) collects this information in real time and displays it graphically in a clear way on the VoIP telephone system innovaphone PBX. Thus, it serves better to assess how well a service system works and shows whether, when and where there may be bottlenecks. As a result the innovaphone Queue Monitor helps to significantly increase customer satisfaction through better quality of service.

Different counters and indicators give information about the actual situation of the service system in the innovaphone Queue Monitor. They signal the volume of calls, the number of calls in the queue and the waiting time. This data is then evaluated with peak values for specific dates and time periods. Various early-warning and alarm functions can be set with different limits making it possible for the innovaphone Queue Monitor to counteract potential bottlenecks in time and ensuring that no call gets lost. Individual post processing time can be defined in the innovaphone Queue Monitor to ensure that high call volume does not overwhelm employees. No calls are assigned to them during this time.

The  innovaphone Queue Monitor is integrated perfectly into the innovaphone PBX VoIP telephone system. The implementation and operating costs are low and are worthwhile for any company that operates a switchboard, service hotline or call centre and that wants to improve its performance and quality.

Licensing of the Call Center Solution makes it possible to offer the scope of services usually found in large proprietary call centres for small systems without much installation effort and at low cost.

Benefits  |  Technology

The Call Center solution for the innovpahone IP PBX consists of several modules. They are used to monitor and manage the call center wait queues. The innovaphone Queue Monitor is the central application of the solution. It collects all of the information in real time and displays it graphically in a clear way. Thus, the innovaphone Queue Monitor always provides a good overview of current usage and any bottlenecks.

A call indicator on the innovaphone Queue Monitor shows how many calls are currently waiting in the queue and how long the oldest call has been waiting. It also informs how many callers have put the phone down whilst waiting. If the number of abandoned calls is very high, this indicates that the wait could have been too long – urgent action is needed.

In order to avoid critical situations in the Hotline, warning and alarm limits are determined for maximum wait time, calls waiting and abandoned calls in the innovaphone Queue Monitor (iQM). If the waiting calls exceed the warning limit, the respective indicator window in the innovaphone Queue Monitor turns red and indicates that there is a bottleneck. The window goes back to grey once the value returns to a normal level. If the defined alarm limit value is even exceeded, either a permanent visual alarm indicator appears that has to be reset manually or there is an audible alarm that can be configured individually.  A counter shows how often the limit value has already been exceeded in the innovaphone Queue Monitor,  as well as when the last alarm took place.

There is a time counter in addition to the call indicator which shows the current queue situation. They add up the wait time, the incoming calls and prematurely abandoned calls in different time periods. The achieved peak and average values are also displayed in the innovaphone Queue Monitor. This information is specified for the current and previous hour, the current and previous day and the current and previous month. Individual periods can be evaluated via another resettable counter. This information helps to improve the comparison and analysis of the utilised capacity at the call center or hotline.

The Agent Indicator in the innovaphone Queue Monitor combines the resources of a service hotline. It indicates how many employees are assigned to the service system as a whole, and how many are currently logged in or are active. Furthermore, the indicator also counts how many employees currently have a certain status.

Hotline or call center employees often need a certain amount of processing time after a call. No calls are assigned to them in this time. This time is necessary to complete a process properly, i.e. to close the editing window, to record information and maybe to pass on information etc. A call center agent could be considered available during the post-call processing time, but is still marked as "occupied" in the innovaphone Queue Monitor - the agent is not marked as available again until after a pre-defined period of time, and new calls can only be assigned now. This post-call processing time can be the same for all employees or it can be adjusted individually. If there is a bottleneck, individual post-call processing times can be skipped so that waiting callers are put through faster.

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