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There is news on the innovaphone IP telephones IP222, IP232, IP240 and IP110 :-) We will also be showing you a nice app with which you can hold video calls over the innovaphone PBX from your mobile end devices. Last but not least, our practical example will show you how the innovaphone installation went with our international customer EFD Induction – a mammoth project across 16 countries.

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News from the innovaphone telephone family

There is quite some news from the innovaphone telephone family:


IP222 and IP232


The trendy white colour has now reached offices - in the shape of the innovaphone IP222 and IP232 IP telephones, which are available now. Both devices are just as attractive as in black. They also have a large, high resolution colour display or touch colour display. The four USB connectors are perfect for many extensions, such as connecting headsets or extension modules. The IP telephones also score points concerning sustainability with the Green IT standard 802.3az - electricity is only used when data is really being transmitted. This significantly reduces the power consumption of the device.


IP240 and IP110


Within the scope of guaranteeing future usability, the innovaphone IP240 and IP110 IP telephones have been given more memory. The Flash memory has been increased from 4 MB to 8 MB, while working memory has been increased from 8 MB to 16 MB SDRAM. Both IP telephones are now available with this spec. The new devices have an “a” added to their model type (IP240a, IP110a).


As Version 10 will be more extensive than Version 9, there will be various firmware download variations available for IP240, IP110 and also IP200 telephones that have been supplied in the past. Customers can decide which firmware is most suitable depending on whether they intend to connect the devices to an innovaphone PBX or to another system. A full version of the V10 firmware will be available to be downloaded for the immediately available IP240 and IP110 IP telephones as well as for the IP222, IP232 and IP241.


Learn more about the various innovaphone IP telephones here.



innovaphone video accompanies you always - via smartphone or tablet

Use innovaphone video telephony on the road with iPhone, iPad or even Android Smartphones and tablets…? Thanks to its standards-based video technology, a practical app from Polycom makes this easy. Polycom® RealPresence™ Mobile provides employees and colleagues who are often on the road and often change their workplace with great advantages if they want to be available in their home offices or during meetings with business partners. A simple app increases the reachability and efficiency of these employees. Another advantage: it is really easy to get advice from colleagues - also during meetings - making it possible to settle any questions that arise face-to-face without any delay.


Polycom® RealPresence™ Mobile is available via iTunes or Google Play and is ready for use in just a few minutes. The user simply has to set a couple of SIP settings and provide the relevant IP address of its innovaphone PBX. The user then registers with his user name and password and confirms the necessary SIP password. Finished! The user can then start internal calls over the company network or a VPN connection and is thus available via video as an internal subscriber on his mobile end device. Sufficient bandwidth is of course necessary, at least 128 kB synchronous. Good quality is already possible with 256kB/s, but the more bandwidth is available, the better the video quality.


More detailed information on the Polycom app and the necessary settings can be found in this Wiki article.




innovaphone in practise: EFD Induction

EFD Induction is Europe’s largest supplier of industrial induction solutions. Located in 18 countries worldwide with manufacturing plants, workshops and service centres in America, Asia and Europe, EFD Group has about 900 employees. The German and the Norwegian branch offices – the two countries where EFD Induction have their roots - are the biggest sites. It was here as well as in France that the long-time communication infrastructure was first replaced by state-of-the-art technology from German manufacturer innovaphone. In the long run, the complete enterprise infrastructure will be modernized and provided with the innovaphone system.


For more than 15 years, the EFD Induction corporate headquarters in Skien, Norway, were using an Alcatel 4400 for communication purposes. It had become increasingly difficult to find replacements for defective components and so the unit had to be modernised. In the sister companies in Germany and France, the situation was the same. A market study was conducted based on traditional telecom suppliers as well as on software solutions like Cisco and MS-Lync. After all other alternatives – there were still 4 other solutions left - had been eliminated, the final decision to be taken was one between Alcatel and innovaphone. The key criteria were: best possible value for money and importance of local knowledge in each of the countries where EFD have a branch office. “EFD is a multi-national company and so the final goal was to integrate all 16 group companies into the same system”, says Tore Kvaale, Dep. Manager Engineering and IT at EFD Norway. EFD has sites in Sweden, UK, Spain, Italy, Russia, Brazil, Austria, France, Romania, USA, China, Japan and India. Kvaale continues: “To be honest, innovaphone did not achieve the highest score in this respect, but the simplicity of the installation minimises the need for local consultants. Furthermore, the configuration can be carried out remotely which was another point in favour of innovaphone.” And there was still another point which qualified the innovaphone system best: “Saving money for intra-group communication is essential. With innovaphone, the investment for our small branch offices is relatively low.” (…)


The first countries to install the innovaphone system were Norway, Germany and France. Therefore, an innovaphone IP3010 VoIP gateway was delivered to Skien, Freiburg and Grenoble respectively, serving as master PBXs. (…)


Now, work stations are equipped according to the individual requirements: sales people often use the innovaphone Unified Communications client myPBX which is available with the innovaphone PBX. It is often combined with a software phone and headset when out of office. In the office, most employees use an innovaphone IP222 with or without a headset. (…)


Regarding time and effort for administration and maintenance, all three locations draw the same conclusion: “Much easier than the old one, we can do most of the work by ourselves”, says Jürgen Hoffmann. And his French colleague, Giuseppe Battisti, the responsible IT Manager in France, adds: “The administration is not too difficult for basic operations such as adding users and phones, creating mailboxes etc.” (…)


This and other reports about successful installations with innovaphone are available here. Click here for the pdf version of this case study.



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