innovaphone provides some tools on the Support pages that provide help for setting up communication solutions with the innovaphone PBX. For our official partners we have a protected site with further information for experts.


The Configurator lends a helping hand when setting up small solutions. It has been designed specifically for beginners who wish to quickly design and set up a solution. It particularly helps in checking the compatability and necessary licenses. Working with the Configurator has the added advantage of a fast learning effect which helps with future and larger projects.

innovaphone wiki is an extensive knowledge bank on innovpahone products with help texts, Howtos, FAQs, compatibility lists and much more. Available to be read by anyone without haveing to register. Editing can also be done by anyone, just register first.

Audio Converter

The innovaphone PBX enables a pre-recorded message to be issued before a call is acccepted or during a wiat queue. These messages must be in ITU G.7xx formats. The audio converter converts these file formats from various common music formats (.wav, .mp3). 

We have a price calculator based on Microsoft Excel for our partners in the log-in area. It contains a detailed price calculation with discount levels and gives assistance in calculatiing licenses, but assumes a general understanding of the innovaphone licensing model. An overview of the components in the order is issued after the calculation.

Users discuss topics related to innovaphone products in the innovaphone Forum. This free platform offers you the chance to pose questions to the innovaphone community, or to share your experience with others. You will find interesting user tips or can simply enjoy exchanging information with other innovaphone users. 

Icon testlicenties

Using the test licenses will allow all customers to try the full potential of the innovaphone PBX, IP telephone and Unified Communications solution, without risk. All licenses are enabled with all functions for three months on any gateway and can be used at will to sample the solution. This possibility can be used once per gateway. No further test licenses can be enabled on this gateway. Get now the V11 test licence for your innovaphone PBX from the platform!

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