Profile App
Versatile Options to Configure Your Own myApps Profile

Your personal user profile can be configured via the Profile app. Here, users have the option to upload personal profile pictures, manage privacy filters, set up call diversions, mobility features and to register phones. It is also possible to join different groups and to determine who will see which presence / contact information.

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Where can I Find the Profile App?

You have two options to access your Profile app:

  • Click on All apps at the bottom left of your myApps interface
  • Via the hamburger button of your Home button – select Edit profile

What Functions can be Configured with the Profile App?

The Profile app provides five different tabs for individual settings:

  1. Profile picture, display name and password can be adjusted.
  2. Privacy filters for users, groups or domains: users can define who will be able to view which activities and presence information within myApps (please also refer to the Users app).
  3. Mobility (transferring inbound calls to a mobile device) and call diversions (can be set up either for every call or depending on presence status).
  4. Join / leave groups (the admin creates groups and makes these available to individual users)
  5. The list of registered telephones (innovaphone IP phones, softphones, hot desking and 3rd party devices) can be managed, devices can be added to or deleted from the list.

Advantages of the Profile App

  • Personal information that is visible to others can be edited as desired
  • Mobility and call diversions ensure that inbound calls are transferred according to the specified settings
  • Users can add various different end devices to their profile. Depending on the current situation (at the office, working remotely from home, on the go), the appropriate device can quickly be selected.

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