Tutorials App
Access all innovaphone myApps Tutorials Directly via myApps

Depending on the company’s rules and regulations concerning internet use during working hours, employees might not be able to access certain websites such as YouTube while working. This would also mean that the tutorial videos available in our innovaphone channel cannot be viewed.

Easy fix: access all myApps video tutorials via the Tutorials app.

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What does the Tutorials App Offer?

Use our Tutorials app to watch all innovaphone myApps video tutorials directly from the myApps interface. Within innovaphone myApps, you have two options to get to the video tutorials:

  • Check the hamburger menu of your home button and click on “Tutorials”
  • Click on all “Apps” at the bottom right corner of the myApps window and check the Tutorials app here

The app opens an iframe with configurable URL that standardly displays the videos from our tutorial videos website. This URL is editable so your very own tutorials or other contents can be embedded accordingly.

Advantages of the Tutorials App

  • Always keep your digital workplace structured – work with one single interface
  • Quick way to get help if you have questions
  • Access to all myApps video tutorials (regardless of the company’s conditions of use for the internet)
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