innovaphone Operator: Professional and convenient switching


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Switching calls plays a particularly important role in large companies. Calls usually land at the switchboard if employees are absent or busy or if callers generally dial the main line. Switchboard staff here must always keep track of the calls and need a good overview in order to cope with the volume of calls even at busy times, enabling them to find the right person for the call and be able to check his Presence without too much to and fro. Switching calls without the correct equipment can quickly become quite a challenge.

The innovaphone Operator is a modern switchboard and the ideal application for head offices and also call centres. It is software-based, intuitive to use and perfectly supports employees in call switching via mouse or keyboard. Costly hardware with numerous switching keys are not necessary with the innovaphone Operator. Instead, the computer becomes the clearly ordered switchboard. The innovaphone Operator provides the operator with an accurate overview of incoming, outgoing, parked and transferred (forwarded) calls. A search fieldon the innovaphone Operator allows contacts to be searched for via LDAP and an individually configurable busy lamp field indicates the Presence of the desired contact person - thus avoiding blind transfers.

Thanks to a clever licensing model, the innovaphone Operator can be used flexibly wherever a professional switchboard is needed. An operator license is allocated once an employee registers to the Operator software. This becomes free again once the employee signs off and another employee can use the same license for the application. The innovaphone Operator can thus also be used in home offices or for job sharing models – because ultimately anyone who is connected in the company can take on the task of the operator.

Benefits  |  Technology

The innovaphone Operator is a modern computer-based switchboard. It can access queues on the innovaphone PBX VoIP telephone system and transfer calls as needed - with or without consultation - and across multiple sites. The intuitively designed user interface of the innovaphone Operator enables convenient call management and provides a quick overview of incoming, outgoing, parked and forwarded calls as well as calls waiting in the queue. It is operated via keyboard or mouse click.

The destination extension numbers for call transfers are displayed graphically with the convenient busy lamp field - either in the main window of the innovaphone Operator or separately. The operator is thereby well informed about the availability (Presence) of each contact. He is able to see who is free or busy, which Presence has been activated and whether calls are being forwarded. Drag&Drop allows incoming calls to be placed and thus forwarded easily to the respective extension. For a better overview, individual contacts can be organised in sub-busy lamp fields as necessary. In particularly large installations, it is possible to move the busy lamp field to a second monitor.

If a contact is unavailable, the operator can send emails with callback notification within its own organization. There are two ways to deal with this: either the operator calls up the details of the call destination and clicks on the email field. Or the operator goes via the call journal that lists all calls that have taken place, and triggers the notification via a right click on the missed call. Both options will open a window on the innovaphone Operator that is used for callback notification.

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