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innovaphone’s New IP101/IP102 Telephones Are Manufactured in Germany

Sindelfingen, 25 July 2019 - In addition to the wide range of applications provided by modern work and communication systems such as innovaphone myApps, traditional telephony continues to be indispensable for companies. The new innovaphone IP101 and IP102 telephones are functional all-round IP devices that combine excellent voice quality with state-of-the-art security protocols and an easy-to-read keypad. The fact that the telephones are entirely made in Germany is one of the main reasons why they stand out from other products on the market.

As a company providing electronic manufacturing services (EMS) based in Sachsen, Germany, Leesys provides certified sustained production of innovaphone end devices “made in Germany”. “‘Secure hardware for secure communication’ - this was the main reason why we moved the production of the new IP phones to Germany. It means we can ensure that product quality meets the highest standards, also because production at Leesys is very highly automated. Furthermore, the geographical proximity simplifies and shortens the coordination and delivery structures, which is beneficial for the environment”, explains Dagmar Geer, CEO of innovaphone AG.

Combining the IP101 and IP102 telephones with the innovaphone myApps solution results in a highly available communication and work environment. Telephony continues to be available if the computer and thus also the innovaphone myApps software platform should fail. The IP101 is equipped with a three-line LCD screen as well as a telephone keypad with 10 special keys allowing easy navigation for the user. It is designed for use both as a desk device and is suitable for wall mounting. Due to its compact size, the IP telephone can also be used ideally where space is limited, e.g. in the checkout area. The IP102 also has a Gigabit Ethernet interface and a headset port.

The IP101 and IP102 are positioned as the entry-level models in the lower price segment of the innovaphone product range and are respectively priced at EUR 85 and EUR 137 (net, plus VAT). They are available now and can be purchased through the usual distribution channels.


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