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WebRTC Widget from innovaphone

With the innovaphone “Call Me Button”, one mouse click is all it takes to have direct customer contact. Thanks to Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC), telephone calls, video telephony and application sharing are all possible with the innovaphone “Call Me Button”. An e-mail address can also be stored.

How Does the innovaphone “Call Me Button” Work?

Free Java scripts from the innovaphone toolbox allow the innovaphone “Call Me Button” to be integrated into your own website. It can be displayed at the edge of the website or stored directly on the website, looking like a business card. If required, the contact person’s Presence status can be shown (available or not available). WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication), which is supported by many web browsers, is used to transfer the data. The toolbox offers extensive sample codes to easily integrate the functionality to any website.

Turning a Prospect into a Customer - Example of Using the innovaphone “Call Me Button”

When browsing a company website, a prospective customer may have questions that the website doesn’t answer. In order to get answers to these questions, the visitor of the website could go to, click on and fill in the contact form. While waiting for an answer, the prospect would then have time to find other companies with similar offers. The “Call Me Button” from innovaphone gives the prospective buyer the possibility - on every page - to get a direct expert answer to the questions with just one mouse click. The company’s innovaphone PBX will forward the call from the web browser directly to the right customer service expert: this is one way of turning prospective buyers into customers.

A support hotline would be a practical example for using a “Call Me Button” scenario. The customers can call the support team conveniently and easily via WebRTC and free of charge by simply clicking on the contact (if available) directly from the online shop, so they can immediately be given the desired information. 


innovaphone widgets - Call Me Button

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