radprax - a case study by our technology partner jtel

How enhancing appointment management enabled radprax Gesellschaft to deliver more effective healthcare

radprax Gesellschaft für Medizinische Versorgungszentren mbH, or the radprax Company for Medical Care Centers, is one of the largest healthcare providers in Germany. Specialising in radiology, radiotherapy, nuclear medicine and cardiology, radprax is trusted to deliver consistent quality of care and outstanding service to its patients. It operates a network of healthcare centers, with some of the most advanced scanning technology available today, providing services to people in the vicinity.

The challenge

For radprax, the speedy and efficient scheduling of appointments is of vital importance to ensure return on investments in equipment and staff. This means that costly technology and highly trained personnel are used to the maximum extent possible. In addition, patients must see practitioners quickly in order to secure appointments for the appropriate scanning equipment, together with the required medical specialist, which helps to ensure early diagnosis. Similarly, it must be easy for them to make appointments, irrespective of their location.

At the same time, practitioners need to be informed about their schedule and to co-ordinate activities, so that slots with relevant equipment can be confirmed. With a number of health centers distributed around Germany, radprax must optimise the appointment and scheduling process, synchronising requests with the availability of relevant staff and medical scanning equipment.

Centralisation is key to this process and the radprax call center is at the heart of its operational infrastructure. It’s the first point of contact for both patients and practitioners. The call center means that patient requests and appointment scheduling can be managed through a single location, enabling the efficient allocation of resources.

However, the system that had been deployed by radprax was discontinued by the supplier, with the result that there would be significant disruptions in both quality and consistency of service. What’s more, radprax needed to retain its existing PBX infrastructure, which meant that the replacement call center solution needed to be fully compatible with this.

This created both a challenge and an opportunity. It was a problem, because radprax needed to replace the existing solution with like-for-like functionality, in order to ensure smooth operation and service continuity. On the other hand, it was also an opportunity to deploy an enhanced solution that offered more potential for the future and the capacity to evolve to meet new functional and operational requirements.

The solution

radprax had two incumbent PBXs, one from Siemens and one from innovaphone. It needed to find a call center provider that offered full compatibility with at least one of these solutions. The PBX would then be able to route incoming calls to the ACD (automatic call distribution) function of the call center, which would in turn, process calls and direct them to the most appropriate agent.

The team at radprax turned to jtel and SEC-COM. jtel is specialised in the development and delivery of advanced call management solutions for call centers and its technology supports a multitude of PBXs. jtel’s innovative approach means that it constantly strives to meet existing customer requirements and to anticipate future needs – a vital element for ensuring ROI is maximised. SEC-COM is experienced ICT integrator that specialises in the delivery of turnkey, one-stop solutions from multiple vendors for their clients.

After an infrastructure analysis performed by experts from jtel, SECCOM and radprax, it was jointly decided to use the innovaphone PBX as this provided a modern, standards-based open approach, as well as being far more cost effective. The jtel Solution would be deployed on this platform and the Siemens PBX phased out over time.

jtel|ACD is a complete Enterprise ACD solution that delivers powerful, converged call center and contact center capabilities. Flexible and customisable, jtel|ACD is the clear choice for effective customer interaction and conversations.

The jtel|ACD and call center solution had previously undergone a rigorous interoperability test and integration process with Innovaphone’s PBX products, which provided reassurance that the implementation phase would meet targets. In practice, it was immediately clear that the firmware on the PBX solution was out-of-date, with the result that the number formatting when calls were presented from the PBX to the ACD was incorrect.

This is where the agility of jtel and innovaphone came into play. The jtel team was able to customise the integration connectors between the ACD and the PBX, thanks to the innovaphone team establishing a test setup for deployment on jtel’s VMWare cluster – literally within hours. The jtel Team completed the engineering work on the same day, ensuring that the integration could be completed and that calls could be transferred effectively. This customisation was achieved on-the-fly during the installation process, ensuring that there were no delays in bringing the new solution into service.


With the rapid and timely installation of the jtel|ACD solution, the immediate issues at Radprax were resolved. An efficient, powerful ACD was immediately available, fully integrated with the existing PBX infrastructure, ensuring that radprax could continue to offer the outstanding service its patients expect.

However, in addition to the smooth and efficient management of incoming calls, appointment scheduling and practitioner organisation, jtel|ACD delivered a host of additional benefits. First, due to the nature of the healthcare services that radprax delivers, it needs to deliver specialist services. This means that certain agents have different skills and are equipped to handle different kinds of enquiries, for example in relation to particular types of health scan, such as CT or MRI.

The jtel|ACD solution enables much more effective agent management than had previously been possible, allowing specific skills and specialisation to be catered for, helping patients and practitioners obtain the right information faster and more easily. To achieve this, integration with the patient database was also essential, so that patients calling the helplines would automatically be matched with the right agent.

In addition, continuous improvement is of vital importance. Radprax needed not only to maintain service levels and performance but to learn so that delivery could be enhanced to enable a better patient experience in the future. For this goal, accurate, real-time and historic statistics are vital. jtel|ACD provides a customisable view of real-time events, as well as detailed summaries that can be used for long-term evaluation and performance enhancement.

For example, the information captured allows weaknesses to be detected, analysed and resolved, which, in turn allows call and work flows to be adapted and improved. With jtel, radprax was able to critically review its operations and to customise call and work flows to take account of findings that emerged from service performance in general. In addition, the performance of individual agents could also be determined, ensuring that each was optimised effectively.

The firmware of the existing PBX solutions from innovaphone was also upgraded, ensuring the  optimum integration between the PBX and the ACD. This enabled all locations to be connected to the ACD and operated centrally, increasing operational efficiency and guaranteeing the right levels of patient care. It is expected that more capacity will be added in the future, which will allow radprax to cope with increasing call volumes while still delivering the same levels of performance excellence.

The final words should go to radprax. “jtel offered a transparent and extremely user-friendly solution that enabled our agents to perform effectively from the outset. The user interface is intuitive and allows for rapid access to necessary information”.

Solution highlights and next steps

• Extremely stable core ACD platform

• Integration with central PBX and branch offices

• Generation of rich, accurate and timely statistical data

• New and powerful insights from statistical processing

• Optimisation and customisation of call and work flows to meet business needs

• Diverse set of indicators, yielding business information

• Increased employee and patient satisfaction

• Boost in new patient numbers through enhanced processes

• Platform for future growth in capacity

• Flexible report generation to enable tuning and future active evolution

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